Future Hope – Never Let Me Go

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if your future was decided for you? What if your existence was created for one sole purpose, a purpose you had no say in.
Every child dreams of what they will be when they grow up. They hear people talk about jobs and places. They see pictures or photos or videos and say, “That’s what I will do. That will be me when I am big.”

What if a child dreamed this and then at the tender age of pre-teen or teenage years he was told “no, you will not do that. You will never do that, or any other typical job. You will care for organ donors and then slowly donate your own organs.”
Have you ever wondered about your family? Where did they come from; who are they really? What if your existence did not come from a family? What if you had no parents? Only a model. What would the world look like if instead of being raised by a family, you were raised by guardians in an atmosphere filled with other kids just like you? What would your perspective on the world be if you were raised in a sheltered boarding school in the middle of the country and never explored beyond its gates?
Who would I be if my life had been different? Who would I be if my family was non-existent? What would my motivation be for life if I knew my future was in the hands of other people and already set in stone?
Have you ever stopped to think about how hope for the future shapes who you are today and tomorrow? Have you ever thought about how everything is interconnected – the past and how you view it, the present and how you act in it, the future and how you hope for it?
Stop for a moment now. How does your hope for the future, for who or what you could be, determine your actions in this moment? What a gift this hope is. The ability to dream for ourselves is significant and impacts our decisions so greatly.
These thoughts, and many others, stemmed from reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go. If you want to dip into another world within the world, take a read. But…don’t forget to think about how meditations on the future can determine today.
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