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I’m half way through week 3 and getting out of bed in the morning is getting more and more difficult. I like sleep. My days take a lot of energy. But it is so worth it!
Lesson from today: a twelve hour day at school has a lag period, at about 4:00pm when your body and brain want to shut off – but thigh-high legwarmers, a big sweater, crackers with cream cheese and an orange, along with an intriguing novel bring back energy that jumps to rocket-high levels when you start learning super creepy choreography.
I’ve had two ensemble rehearsals, one for each piece now, and I’m loving them both. They are so different! Challenging and relaxing at the same time!
Over the last week I’ve also had some adventures in the city:
I went to Casa Loma and looked over the beautiful grounds of the castle.

I discovered some parts of the University of Toronto, and wandered over to the beautiful Toronto Reference Library.

I enjoyed some polka music and cultural dancing at the Roncesvalle Polish Festival – the Largest Celebration of Polish Culture in North America! I had perogies, and funnel cake too! And bought 6 novels of 12 dollars at a charity sale! Woohoo!
On a beautiful, refreshing Sunday morning, my roommates and I stopped at a coffee shop and had tea and chocolate-filled croissants under the view of the CN Tower before we finished the walk to church.
After church we wandered home, stopping in little boutiques and at a park that happened to be having an Art Crawl, hundreds of local artists displayed their work in tents all along the pathways of the green space. It was wonderful to see the diversity of watercolour, oil, and acrylic painters, sketchers and cartoonists, jewellers and sculptors, weavers and photographers. I’m enjoying the culture and arts appreciation of this city so much!
Let me know in the comments below if you’ve stumbled upon any neat experiences like Art Crawl in your travels lately.
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