Streetcar stop! …no streetcar in sight.
Another streetcar stop! …and again, no streetcar in sight.
Grumbling clouds. Pounding rain. Wimpy umbrella. No streetcars. Over one kilometre to the subway station. Less that 40 minutes until warm-up. If I miss warm-up, I don’t get to dance all day.
It was a stressful morning. Or rather, early afternoon. Friday warm-up begins at 12:55pm. I left at 12:00pm. Usually it takes me 35 minutes to get to school. Today, I did not see a single streetcar heading in my direction. I don’t know why. There must have been an accident of some kind that blocked the tracks. Whatever it was, it added a lot of stress to my day.
I walked as quickly as I could to the subway, stopping at each pick-up point to look back down the street in case a streetcar was catching up to me. The usual “Next train arriving in x minutes” was not on the subway monitors. Instead, the phrase “Information Unavailable” resided on the screens.
My jeans were sticky with moisture. The sleeves of my jacket clammy. I was sweating from my panicked trek. My hair however, dry thanks to my pretty flowered umbrella. My toes toasty and dry thanks to my sparkly rubber boots.
I wove my way through the lunch crowds in the first floor food court and practically ran to my locker – not an easy feet with a large black bag slung across my shoulders. My classmates saw me coming as they exited the change room for the studio. I think someone mentioned to the attendance taker that I had arrived, she didn’t looked surprised as I leapt into the room moments before the Artistic Director of Ballet Jorgen Canada entered to lead our warm-up.
I was already warm. The subway tunnels and trains are fairly toasty. And speedwalking around pedestrians in the humidity  of early fall induces muscular warmth and active sweat glands. I was still breathing heavily from my stressful trek of “Please Jesus help me get there on time! Please Jesus. I don’t want to miss class!”
Lesson learned, again – streetcars are not reliable, nor are iphone apps announcing when a streetcar will arrive – LEAVE EARLY for school.
Despite a rushed Friday journey to school, this third week has been positive. My splits are nearly there, my kicks are higher, my pirouettes are more stable, my abdominal muscles are gaining strength and my posture is improving too. I’ve learned some of the combos and exercises and committed them to brain and muscle memory and am now able to think more on how I am doing what I am doing instead of what I am supposed to be doing. I feel good! My body is a little sore, but is definitely getting used to the constant activity and the way it is being forced to move.
Now…if the rain would stop, that’d be nice. I’m not the lower mainland anymore. :) 
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