Toronto Tourist

This weekend I chose to be a tourist in my new city. I paid the student fare on a Double Decker bus tour of Toronto. I learned some new things, had a few laughs and shivered in the cooling temperatures of October.
Interesting facts about the big TO:
  • Yonge Street is the longest “street” in the world, and will take 48 days to walk if you walk a marathon a day. The Guinness Book of World Records however, no longer classifies Yonge Street as the longest street because highways are now included in the category, and thus, the Pan-America Highway is the longest in the book.
  • The Toronto Reference Library is the library where all the research for Trivial Pursuit was conducted. This fact is not a question in the game.
  •  Casa Loma (literally “house on the hill”) is a real castle commissioned in Toronto by a Sir Henry, who had a monopoly on electricity in Ontario before the government seized it all and he went bankrupt. He ended up living above the garage of his former chauffer. He was the first person to sign the guestbook when his castle was opened to the public as a government-owned tourist attraction.
  • The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal (made of glass and aluminum), which adorns the Royal Ontario Museum and houses the main entrance, was first sketched on a napkin at a wedding.
  • The original parliament buildings in Toronto were burned down in the War of 1812. The site now houses a car wash.

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